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i had that happen to me too... glued my prop to the wodden splints... while clamping...

i learned from a furneture maker one of hiss stupid tricke... WAX Paper... between the wood and your glued peice... wax side on the propper side... works great and costs little...

even with urathane glue..
Yes we share the pain! HAHA Ohhh wax paper is a good idea. I ended up using saran wrap. I also used less glue. LOL!!

I love the way you're going about making your sword! I made Cloud's FF7AC Buster sword for this year's NYC Comiccon out of the exact same base materials you are using! I did it to spec as well, but I think yours will be heavier than mine is due to how long your wood center support is.

I've gotta say though, yours is MUCH more clean than mine is. I made my edges by hand with a small coping saw and eyeballing it. Yours is very well done! I used the same board as a base, but I used Mod Podge as a sealing agent before paint. Also, I used dowels wrapped in hockey tape for the back handles, a rake handle for the hilt (w/padding), metal pieces from a broken lightsaber for hilt end cap and top, center gear from a nerf gun, and various other things. Mine isn't worthy of yours, but here are some pics from comiccon!
I give you props on your prop! Well well done! And looks very light. Yeah, mine isnt slightly heavier then I was hoping, but using lighter weight options helped a lot. Very interested and smart choice of materials. Good going man! Thanks for the pictures too! Keep up the good work!
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