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Originally Posted by voiceofwonder View Post
Yayyy for choosing water tribe girls as first cosplays! *high five*

I love the accuracy of your colors, and the details on the boots. I'm seriously freaking out at how great the boots are! The shirt fits you very well, and even with the arm fabric not behaving as you'd like, you carried it very well! Also, the wrap turned out great! I'm thoroughly impressed!
I'm not a sewing genius so I don't really feel qualified to give many sewing critiques, but the one that I can relate to is Korra's neckline. I notice that it's quite droopy, and I ran into the exact same problem when I was altering one of my brother's old turtlenecks to make Bolin's undershirt. I did make it stay upright by using my own homemade bias tape, but it came at a price: the neckline was no longer as elastic and it just barely (and with much struggling) fit over my brother's head. My plan next time is to include a small zipper at the back of the neck so I can still have that cool neckline without nearly strangling the person wearing it.

All in all, it's amazing, especially when considering it's your first. I'm going to leave more happy comments on your photos now.


And yea, girl. That neck...ugh. The day of the con I had yet to address it. I tried doing some artsy-looking stuff to it that didn't come out well at all. Eventually I just folded it over and into the shirt and ignored it for the day.
I'm definitely feeling you with that zipper. It's a small price to pay to at least have frontal shots look decent.
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