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Originally Posted by miene-maus View Post
I saw that a couple people live in Bellingham? I just moved here and currently have 0 friends D: I'm going to Aki con as Vanille (all three days as's pretty much my first time cosplaying and she took me awhile to make). Someone wanna hang with me? I'm super friendly (despite shy tendencies) and cuddly ^-^
You ARE the one that posted on my thread about my gathering lol Thought so. Anyway, I could always use more friends. I don't live up that way, but if you see me at the con (look at my cosplays, I will be just about everyone except Minato and Squall) feel free to hang out. I will more then likely be hanging out with a Sasuke (naruto) for most of the time, as well as my dad..I don't know about that cuddly thing though (seems kinda odd you even mentioned it) but yea, if you see me we could always use more hangout buddies
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