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How I stay motivated for my project (I won't link it, but it's in this subforum):

--Post signs in my room that are hard to ignore: "I WANT TO BE KAMINA"; Foods to eat and avoid; a sign that shows a slogan that I am to 'shout' every morning (and a tally to keep track how many times I've done it).
--Tailor my YouTube viewing to be mostly fitness/inspirational/diet stuff.
---Subscribe to fitness/motivational channels I like.
---Rewatch videos AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE

(suggested videos: Arnold Schwarzenegger Still Pumping, Will You Die A Failure Or a Winner?, and most importantly, Never, Ever Give Up. The only way that one will not motivate you is if you're dead).

--Absorb as much fitness/motivational books/inspirational stuff as possible, but also APPLY IT IMMEDIATELY! If some things are too hard, do the easy stuff first, and consistently. Suggested reading:, The Science of Getting Rich, The Bible (don't get butthurt about my beliefs; do whatever the fuck you want to do!)
--(Kamina-specific): Be supremely overconfident and extremely enthusiastic at all times. Cultivate an inner frame that makes you believe you are the greatest manly man wherever you go and ROW ROW FIGHT DA POWAH!
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