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SHOES HELP,Dress shoes but need to add HEIGHT at least 3"

Hi there,
I am going to be cosplaying as Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji soon, The only thing missing is the SHOES. the problem being that I am very slender BUT my Ciel is 1/4" taller than me and nearly all Ciels outfits have some heel. I am 5'3" and she is 5'3 1/4" tall, but I really want to be at least a bit taller than her (as Ciel is 13) I really want to also keep the look of Sebastian's shoes at the same time. so If my ciel is wearing 2" heels I need to have at least 4" at minimum of height! I plan on buying this Shoe Lifts. I have also seen Elevator shoes online but they don't seem to go above 3.5" at most.

Does anyone know if I can use the shoe lift inserts with Elevator shoes???
Is there a way I can Make a platform or heighten the Dress shoes with something myself?
Or if anyone has a better solution please I really need the help!

I know we will do most of the shoots with Ciel sitting/laying down or me kneeling and than switch Ciel into flats, but I still need the shoes for cons and such. Sorry I'm crazy about details

As you may have noticed the actual shoe itself is very easy, just a very normal Men's Black Dress shoes. Here are the best shoe reference pictures I could find, he wears a rather normal Men's dress shoe : shoes and another pic

Also I cannot just wear huge platform boots that look nothing like his shoes, I will OCD out and have a spaz attack.
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