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Originally Posted by POOTERS View Post
I'd be interested in going. I can cosplay Kratos Aurion, judgement variant.
Any chance were you the Kratos (judgement outfit) from NYCC? I believe my friend took a pic of you. and it be awesome if you can come to Aselia con.

Originally Posted by moonfall View Post
I'd really like to go, but airfare is expensive, and I don't know if I can get bus fare for much cheaper. Megabus doesn't book that far ahead, so I don't know what the price would be yet.

I'd probably want to do another costume by then if I did go, something a little more unusual than Raine's normal outfit.
Sometimes air flights may be cheaper around March, i would check out the special sales because I know a couple of flights where if you purchased in advance, you pay less.

And if your able to go, then it be neat to have a Raine. She's not cosplayed that often especially a different costume of hers.
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