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Mandalorian Armor

Probably my most intensive build yet. Mandalorian armor, built to standards set by the Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club. My goal was to be an official member of the Mercs before Celebration VI, meaning I had to submit an application to be reviewed and accepted/denied.
I was originally going to cut out and shape my own plates, but with finals coming up I decided to buy the chest, ab, and shoulder plates made of 3mm sintra from a seller on the Mercs forum. Ended up having to shape them slightly, and then came painting. And completely modding the helmet - reinforcing the seam on the inside, filling it on the outside with bondo and sanding it smooth, cutting out and replacing the visor, and replacing the rangefinder stalk screw.
It was overall a very long process, but it's probably one of my favorite costumes. I did end up getting approved as Official right before I left for Celebration VI and it was an amazing experience. So here's my Mandalorian character, Haran Tracyn.

Before approval by the Mercs

At Celebration VI

Chilling with my dog

At NYCC this weekend

^thank god for straws

Since getting approved I have made a few minor adjustments and additions (with more planned); I added velcro to my cape to prevent it from choking me and added a bowcaster and holdout pistol to my weapons loadout and am in the process of modifying some knives and a sword to fit with my kit. Also planning to get some kind of mic and amp because my voice is completely gone from shouting this weekend.
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