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Originally Posted by touchmon View Post

I get really into the Once Upon a Time mood and started gathering ref images for Red's outfit. I felt like I wanted to cry when I found a close up of the corset. The details. T_T The clasps and the flowers and everything about it.... This is going to take a long time.
Yay! Another Red Cosplayer! And tell me about it with that corset. (Do you have a really good close up pic?) I have a pattern to make it, bar altering the neckline of it slightly, and it should adapt to those clasps. But it's that fabric that's the problem. I haven't been able to find one similiar, or at least, one that gives a similar enough feel that I would be happy to use instead. Such is life.

Have you seen the promotion pics they did for this season? Red's in another outfit altogether!

@Mehdia - Doooooo it!
Cosplay Plan of Attack:

Umm.... nothing at the moment is being worked on.
All creative power diverted to FanExpo Artist's Alley table! Yay! Accessories and such!

Costume Con 32 was AMAZING!!!!
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