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I'm so excited also, it's something I look forward to every year

Well this year's line-up is... wow ALL PERSONA 4 COSPLAYS WOOOOOW I love this game way too much.

Not too sure which days specifically I'll be wearing them but I have three: Yukiko Amagi, Izanagi (gas station attendant) and Teddie (Alice in Wonderland pageant version).

Yukiko Amagi will only be brief since me and my partner (Chie) only want to wear it for a personal photoshoot xD We've worn it for 3 years straight and we think it's a good time for it to take a nice break. Teddie (and she was Yosuko) was worn last year too, but have it for another go (with the entire pageant group this time!) and Izanami is something brand new I'm starting now, actually.

Man look at that essay of an answer, I AM WAY TOO EXCITED ABOUT SOMETHING LIKE 10 MONTHS AWAY GEEZ
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