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Mm... the fabric definitly looks weighty (or it could be 2 pieces of thinner fabric with interfacing) in the first pic. I'd use a fabric similar to the cuffs. It'll save a little money if you already have it and it brings those frilly elements together. Ezio IS a frilly frou-frou renaissance assassin after all. XD

If you want to use a different silky fabric, have you looked into brocade? It might be hard to find white/silver, but this is pretty close:

If you want a cotton/blend with a design on it I've had better luck looking in the upholstery fabric section believe it or not!

For the second pic, it's hard to tell what material it is. It could be a plain silk-like material (satin or charmeuse) or it could be cotton. If you're worried about roasting in the leather, a natural fiber like cotton tends to breathe and release heat better than synthetic fibers like polyester or nylon. I personally would prefer the cotton because it's easier to care for and for reasons above. Silk like fabric tends to be picky and harder to work with.

Because there are so many renders of Ezio, pick what you like most or fits better!

Just thinking, you've probably already looked into this but Ezio's collar ruffle bears a similar resemblance to an elizabethan ruffle collar. Here's are a few brief tutorials I found:

Do you go to Tandy Leather by chance? 50% coupons are available black Friday. It'll only be 25%-ish off any leather (if I remember correctly), but it's better than full price! You can only use 1 coupon per visit, so print multiple out!

If you're struggling with the hood I might have something that can help you. If you're interested shoot me a PM! I look forward to your updates!

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