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Originally Posted by touchmon View Post
Here you go. I need to start researching on how to make corsets like that so I can have a plan. I already know I'm going to embroider the flowers on so it's more or less finding the base fabric and figure out how to tackle those clasps. Oh and how are you tackling the skirts?

And yes I have! Her outfit is so pretty. *_*
Oh thank you, that's great! (Jeeze oh man, that fabric is even more detailed than I thought). For the skirts, if I end up doing the one from the above picture, it seems like it's a tafetta material, so I'd make it out of that, probably using those simplicity medieval skirt patterns to get the proper fullness. To get the crinkly effect, I'd probably dampen the finished skirt, and then twist it around itself and then lash it together for a few days until it creases. Kinda what people did to those cottony crinkle/broomstick skirts from the 90s, when you washed them; you stored them twisted. And there's some sort of thin petticoat under it, to give it a slight floof?

....but I really like the promo pics skirts....would it be so bad if I frankensteined the original bodice to the new skirts. Would it????
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