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I have something that's a concern *bug* and also i have a question. Why is it for people wanting to keep threads they have posted, from filling up with random things that don't go on them, such as unrelated posts and absurdly long posts, cannot have mod rights to the thread. It makes sense and even if you had to report a reason for removing it, it'd help people out a lot more rather then reporting a post or contacting admin or mod staff to get posts taken off or edit where posts go.
The problem i'm actually trying to report is that any computer no matter how fast the net is or what browser i use the menus always appear on top of, or under the site's adds. like my thread control panel for instance. It was under a Costume Express add on the side of the site and not even under the menu bar where it should have been. It was completely separated from there. As are most of my menus. Thank you for your time and i await response to this issue.
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