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Originally Posted by Starlit Rose View Post
Well, it looks like I'll be a Texas cosplayer soon! I'll be moving to the DFW area within the next couple of weeks. It will be very strange going to cons in Texas! I've only been going to the same Midwest cons for the last oh...9 years. I'm looking forward to some different scenery though, and meeting new people!
Well an early welcome to Texas to you then! I'm sure you'll like A-Kon, it's the largest Texas con and is in DFW. We also have Ikkicon coming up the weekend before new years in Austin and Anime Matsuri on Easter Weekend in Houston (technically the woodlands). There are also some other things like Mini a-kon, Micro A-Kon, the Tales con, etc, these are just the ones coming up.

@Rangiku12, there are actual cosplay wig stores in Austin? o.o The wig store I go to to buy my wig heads is always just a bunch of expensive real hair wigs and old ladies. xD Gothic Lolita Wigs is based in Houston though so you'll get pretty fast shipping from them. (Next day for us Houston folk :3)
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