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I want to thank each and every one of you for all your input and suggestions! Since originally creating this thread I have now watched and completed about 40 anime series. About 20 of which are based upon all of your suggestions and others are from the web sites that I found the animes on.

Web sites I have been streaming dubbed animes from are:

and of course Youtube.

The most recent anime I'm loving is called "The Familiar of Zero", only the first season made it into an English dub. But this particular anime is so extremely amazing in it's wit, the incredible characters, and the friendships among those characters. Not to mention the male protagonist gets thrown into such ridiculous and crazy circumstances, yet rather quickly regains his balance (after a lot of hilariously awkward moments) that the anime is absolutely charming. It actually often had me getting teary eyed due to the type of situations the characters encountered.

However "The Familiar of Zero" easily has a maturity rating of between R and NC-17, especially in its second season. So if you are against certain baring of skin and partial nudity...much more often then in other animes I've watched. I would recommend against watching the series. But for everyone else, enjoy.
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