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I just received my cosplay ordered by Electroviolet and I must say it looks just great!
I ordered "Hextech Janna" from League of Legends online game.
The corset fits perfect, the details on it are just like the reference pics I gave her.
The other parts she made (some are handmade, some are adjusted clothes) fit great, except for the pants (sort of hotpants). The fabric was a bit see-through, but she told me this over mail.
She mailed me a lot about how I wanted certain details, how I wanted the fabrics, which colors I wanted, etc.
It's the first time I ordered a costume over the internet, and I'd do it all over again!
The price she is asking is not high compared to others on the internet and I'm very happy about the quality of the costume!
I got the costume on monday, with the convention being next Sat/sun, on time, like I asked.
If you'd like pictures of my costume feel free to pm me, I'll gladly send you one! (or upload myself after this weekend's convention!)
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