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Name of Commissioner: Electroviolet
Website/ gallery:!/VioletCosplay?fref=ts
Character commissioned and series/video game: Hextech Janna from League of Legends (ordered corset, belt, goggles, gloves, pants and shirt)
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item: (itís dark, but Iíll get some convention pictures online)
Timeline: first contacted her on August 15th, costume received on October 15th, convention is october 20/21st. On time, as I asked.
Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments:
First contact went really fast, within 24hours I always had a reply on my mail. She was very clear on price and materials/how she was planning the costume.
Every time I had a question I received fairly fast answer through mail and later on we contacted on facebook. We both use a smartphone so the contact went just great.
On every detail she asked me how I wanted it, suggested stuff and gave me lots of options to choose from.

The costume was made the way I make my cosplays, either I buy fabric, draw patterns and make the clothes from scrap, or I adjust existing clothes I have/buy.
She kept contact with me through the entire process, sending me WIP pictures and asking if adjustment was needed.

The fabric used for the pants was a bit see-through, which she told me over mail. I didnít mind, seeing Iíd get the costume in time Iíd be able to edit where/if needed before the convention.
The corset is painted, it looks exactly how I wanted it to look, the details on the side and the belt are spot on.
She told me about some paint stains on the costume before sending it over, but now that I got it you can hardly notice them. I guess if Iíd made it myself I would have stained a lot more

Quality-price based Iím very very very happy! After my post here on I got in touch with several commissioners. Prices went from 500 to 50 euro, I decided to go with Violet after seeing her pictures. She had made something steampunk-like already and had experience with corsets. Her price was fair, not the lowest of all options I had, but definitely not overpriced aswel.
I knew from the start that ďprofessional costume makersĒ would do the job completely flawless, but then again, my budget didnít allow (and I didnít want to) spending 400-500 euro on a costume. I am a perfectionist when it comes to making my own cosplays, I often stay up all night to sew borders or buttons to my pieces, remaking props/pieces over and over again just to get stuff right. (that's also cause I hate deadlines ) The result I got I couldnít have done better myself, so no complaints at all!

The shipping got here right in time. She sent it over from Poland on Thursday, arriving in Belgium on Monday, 5 days before the convention I planned on attending.

It was the first time I ordered a costume over the internet, seeing normally I make my own costumes but this year University took a lot of my time. Iím very happy I got in contact with ElectroViolet and Iíd tell everyone whoís looking for a costume, but not willing to spend 500 euro on it, to go for her.

Final Grade: A+
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