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Originally Posted by jesspanda View Post
Not that I'm saying this isn't a good idea, but you might also want to look into some of the other events between now and March, like:
-Tybee Cosplay Photoshoot - Oct. 20th (may be too far, tho)
-NerdaCon - Nov. 16-17th (Columbus, again, might be too far)
-Atlanta Anime Day - Nov. 24th
-Cosplayers on Ice - Dec. 1st

Several specific cosplay groups (like Georgia Bronies or AtlStuck) also are hosting a bunch of events.

Yup.....I knew it already.....but the problem was that Nerdacon and the Tybee Cosplay Photo shoot seems kinda far away, but I meant like somewhere to host a meetup, cause I really wasn't planning to do it that January and or somewhere in between here to Momo-con 2013, it's just to far, plus I'm already going to AAD and cosplayers on ice! ^_^
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