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Originally Posted by FuntomKitten View Post
One big thing the Hetalia fandom has that I recently had to deal with is:
A friend and I were joking about some events in the American Revolution: being lighthearted and obviously just kidding, we weren't mocking anything, playing it out as if it was no big deal, etc.. Because we know very well that the Revolution is nothing to play off as nothing, but we were just making a little joke to ourselves.
This girl comes in and goes all "history major" on us, claiming that we're what gives the fandom the bad name, we'll fail in college if we only see everything as Hetalia, the Revolution is more than just a train for yaoi, etc. ...Blowing our little joke totally out of proportion. I also feel we should mention the two of us aren't even in high school yet..while this person was in college. Yes, we see everything in a more lighthearted way because we aren't adults yet. This started a whole domino effect of little fights and the creator of the fan group we'd posted it on claiming to take it down because of 'fighting'. We never fought. I just pointed out that their comments were uncalled for, rude, and false; they tried to attack us.
It..has pretty much disheartened me from cosplaying Hetalia again, unless I'm one of the Nordics or an undercosplayed character. I'd like to do France or England, but knowing that there are people who will basically bite my head off for making a little joke about a historical event...I don't want to touch that.
So, in my case, sometimes the fandom does scare me off.

Another thing is with Kuro. I'm pretty much given up on doing Ciel since, unless you are utterly stunning, good costumes don't really matter; they're a given. What matters is whether or not you have a group, which I don't. It also doesn't help that my friend who cosplays him too does...Not so much that the fandom is annoying so much as how people see those who cosplay it. You're supposed to have a nice, fancy costume..what you need is friends who are equally as good, then, boom, you're great. So until I can get that...ehh.
No, you're kidding, right? You have to be! NO.

/facepalm\ How could someone just y' a meanie and rage out on you guys like that? >w>
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