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Originally Posted by Red_Heat View Post
Much like what 2p Canada did last year, I will be doing a speach country by country.
I didn't know about 2P Canada's speech last year, because I had left before dark. Is she going to do it again this year? There are many countries, so if you're going to do an apology speech for every one of them, wouldn't it take hours (maybe into the next day)?

Originally Posted by MagicianCelemis View Post
Exactly! We haz agreement here!
As an avid AX attendee, I learned that the West Hall outdoor Concourse is often used as a great location for large popular gatherings, like the Bleach gathering, Naruto gathering, and what-not!
I like that location, too. Out of all the cosplay gathering locations, I find it the best one after indoors (sorry, but I'm an indoor person).

Originally Posted by MagicianCelemis View Post
On another note, it's the hosts' job to deal with pairings--They understand joo! They know what's what and what's the popular pairings! Give them some slack! X3 Unless they ASK for more pairings, that's the appropriate time to talk to them!

That's a good idea! Express permission for etiquette! Even better, a little shout-out to another character won't hurt, it's yer chance to be in character!
Originally Posted by animenerd93 View Post
ya we requested it and then people go crazy about things.....
Sorry if I bothered the hosts or anyone else with anything. I think one of the problems is that some people don't have ideas at first. Then when they see some pairings, they get last-minute ideas and start bothering the hosts. Maybe we should start making a list early and announce a deadline to submit pairing ideas. If people still get last-minute ideas, wait until the listed pairings are done to add them.

I'm sorry if I have insulted anyone regarding pairings. I have a tendency to strongly express my opinions. At times, when I see something I don't like, I tend to complain, "Ugh! I don't like it" but not too loud to broadcast. It's just sometimes when I come across too much (amount or frequency) of something I don't like, I get fed up and frustrated though I mean no offense. I don't mind if other people have different opinions.
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