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I asked Travis to go but he said no!! Is Ben joining you? I think that might persuade him. XD
no, ben and brian are staying home im on vacation that week (the last week for vacations at work before we are cut off till march) and brian has to work, and im not sure he was crazy about collossalcon (that was both of our first a few months ago, but i think its more he doesnt know much about anime and i am just content bouncing around in costume ) and ben has halloween stuff at a bouncy house that im sure out weighs just being in a costume since he will be a bear jumping around a huge inflatable playyard

im going with my sisters boyfriend, in place of my sister. im pretty excited! we will be there fri, sat and leaving sunday.

i wish you could come! i miss you guys! (and ben asks if we are going to see our new friends whenever we go in the car) lol im glad travis liked him that much!!
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