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Originally Posted by Falclon View Post
Well an early welcome to Texas to you then! I'm sure you'll like A-Kon, it's the largest Texas con and is in DFW. We also have Ikkicon coming up the weekend before new years in Austin and Anime Matsuri on Easter Weekend in Houston (technically the woodlands). There are also some other things like Mini a-kon, Micro A-Kon, the Tales con, etc, these are just the ones coming up.
Thank you very much! I am excited to be moving to an area with an active cosplay community. My friend who lives in the area has told me about groups that like to meet up and work on costumes together/help each other. It blows my mind that there are enough local people to do that! And there are so many Texas cons...I won't even know what to do with myself. If Ikkicon is the next one up, perhaps that might be my first Texas con? Depends on where I am financially and if my friend is planning on going I suppose. It's exciting to think I might get to go to a con soon! The last con I attended was around this time last year. I've been having to skip cons to save up for this move. Can't wait to get going again.
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