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Name: Meanlittlekitty, Ashley Montgomery
Character commissioned: (5 Props)
1. Kurama's Rose Whip from Yu yu Hakusho.
2. Tapion's Ocarina from DragonBallZ.
3. Vincent Valentine's Shoe Armor from Final Fantasy VII.
4.Vincent Valentine's Gauntlet Glove from Final Fantasy VII.
5. Vincent Valentine's Cerberus Gun from Final Fantasy VII.
Links to pictures of your commissioned item: 0 9 4
Timeline: April-August. Five Months (Considerably quick considering how many props they were!)

Describe your Experience: I found Ashley through an advertisement that she had placed in's Marketplace. I was looking for a professional prop commissioner, someone who would keep me updated, who had a great portfolio, and who knew how to make a variety of props and also considered your budget, it was there where I found her advertisement leading to her own website, and e-mailed her. Originally, I was worried that someone with such a great portfolio would be too busy to take such a huge order or would charge me an insane amount for the commission, I was incredibly pleased when she didn't only reply and accepted the commission, but her pricing was reasonable. She provided me with quotes and in that e-mail explained in DETAILED what she was going to do with each prop and how they were going to be made. There was a specific prop which she hadn't made before and to my surprise, she actually got some materials and began working with it, practicing, until she got the hold of which way would it be better to make it. This is something that I've never seen in the commissioning I was hooked! She is a very busy commissioner, she even told me that this has been her busiest year, so don't expect weekly replies or updates about the process of your commission, unless you ask for them. I know that this is something that most commissioners worry about, trust me, I do too and with reason, but with her I didn't feel worried or concerned for the least bit. Ashley is a very professional and a very serious person when it comes to her work and her commissions. So I knew that my order was safe, I knew that I wasn't going to get scammed, and I knew that if for any reason I worried or wanted an update, I could contact her, ask for one, and she would ALWAYS reply. I set the Due Date for August, considering the commission was a big one and it would take a while to purchase and get all of the materials for each prop, we kept in contact monthly and when she began with the commissions, she sent me a picture on request of how it was coming along. She's a very friendly person, serious about her work, but friendly and honest. She keeps her orders organized and has a book where she writes you in once you pay the upfront half, she also let's you know when she receives your payment. She is considerate enough to accept payment installments, especially with my order that was so big, and considers your budget!

Pros: Speedy replies, professional, serious about her work and her commissions, but also friendly and a sweetheart to work with. An honest commissioner and a very informative person, she will describe the process, what materials she will use for it, how she will make it, all before you make the payment and early on. Once the part of the payment is sent, she will put you in a book, where she will update once she begins working on your commission. She will send you pictures about the process on request and will explain how it's coming along or if any difficult arises. The quality of her work is top notch and the best I've ever seen in a Prop Commissioner. She provided me with a Tracking Number. Will commission her again!

Cons: 0, NONE

Final Grade: A+++ (Infinite +s)
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