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Kingdom Hearts was a problem for me years back. I love the games and the characters, and my nephew and I used to do group cosplays from it. But when KH reached the height of its popularity, it was like someone flipped the "stupid switch" on the fandom. The photoshoots became nothing more than hundreds of hyperactive and sexually frustrated teens dry humping each other and screaming yaoi at the top of their lungs. I couldn't take my nephew to those anymore.

Same thing happened with Homestuck. I started reading the comic shortly into the act where the trolls were introduced, so luckily I got to experience the fandom in its calmer days. As soon as [S] Cascade hit the internet, it was like the fandom started frothing at the mouth. It's basically a giant shipping battleground now and thousands of screaming fans yelling "UPDATE!" I feel really sorry for the creator. He's probably wondering how he got himself into this mess. :P But seriously, I'm trying my hand at a Homestuck costume, so I guess I'll see if the fans behave at the shoot.

My biggest issue is not entirely the fandoms, it just when they get together, they're so excited and hyper, they start acting stupid and drunk off being around each other. Not necessarily bad, just scary for someone not part of that love. I feel like an outsider of most fandoms 'cuz I'm ten years older than the majority of them, so it's weird.
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