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Episode 9 part 2 now up - For this episode I continue my discussion with my friend Paul J. Salamoff more about Creature Building, the joy of making something from found objects, our Morbius Monster build, and tips for beginners.

FYI we refer to a great glue to mix with paint as "Hodge Podge" but in fact it is called Mod Podge - apologies for our faulty memories- you can buy this at craft stores and at Micheals. For more about Paul's projects please checkout, or his fan page at: For more on our Morbius Build please check out my 6 part blog about it starting here: (pt 4 foam construction on body) , (Pt 7 Painting), (Pt 5 Claw and texturing with heat) , (pt 9 building the Head/finishing). You can see the blog about restoring the 1996 TARDIS Restoration here: (part 6) , (part 5) You can find Discord on here:
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