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Yea! Can't wait!
Hopefully I'll get to meet ya'll.
If any of you happen to see me, feel free to run up to me and say hi!

Oh, and change of plans!
Friday I'll be Finn from Adventure Taaaammmmm!! Haha
Saturday I'll be rockin the Luffy!!
And I'm still undecided for Sunday, maybe my Katamari or something.

Originally Posted by coius View Post
ooh! nice. an Omaha native!

I am like on the north side, and not too much of a pain to drive (out around alegent) when I start crashing, last thing I want to do is drive.

I will look for another luffy. You will probably either recognize the gin tama I pull off (see my pic) or the luffy. Feel free to find me out. Not sure if that forum pic is yours, but if I see a luffy, I will say hi! You can then check mine/critique, and I would like to see yours and how you pulled yours off. Let me know. I would love to see you there!
Haha, I actually just moved here about a month ago!
So I guess I got here right on time for the con!
And yea, that's me in the picture.
Hope to see you around man! I'll be rockin Timeskip Luffy Saturday!
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