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Name of Commissioner: Destiny’s Ending
Website:,, DestinysEnding,
Character commissioned: fem!Prussia from Axis Powers Hetalia: Jacket and shirt.
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item: Never received a picture.
Timeline: Paid in March.

Describe your experience. Pros, cons, comments:
I contacted Destiny’s Ending in March 2012 looking for her to do a fem!Prussia cosplay. All I needed was the jacket and shirt. We agreed on a price and materials as well as a deadline (first week of August) and she said I would receive the occasional photo update. On March 25th, I sent her the whole payment (oh, to be young and innocent again). She let me know that she had received it and that she would start making the pattern. On April 5th, I asked her if it would be possible to add pockets and she said that she would need to order the additional fabric for it. I sent that payment and she let me know that she received it. Between April and June, I would periodically send her a message asking how things were going and she was very quick to respond, telling me she would be starting soon. The last message from this period was that my fabric was here and the pattern was cut and that she would keep me updated. After this, I received no contact whatsoever. I was a little concerned but was busy with other things, so I didn’t think too much of it until the second week of August and I had received no communication from her and I saw her listed on the now defunct Blacklisted thread. I messaged her on August 10 via asking how things were coming along. I also sent an additional email (prior to this our communication was through on the 11th asking about the status of it, whether she had pictures, and when she would be done with it. She responded two days later telling me that she had been sick and had fallen behind, but she was working on getting things done. She tells me that she will have it done soon. We keep emailing each other and she keeps telling me that I would receive pictures soon. On August 27, she tells me that she’s been in and out but progress is being made and she would send pictures ASAP. I get nothing after that. On September 7, I email her asking how things are coming along and telling her that I would like to have some pictures by Sunday night (Sept. 10). Again, I get nothing. Now my alarm bells start to go off, because I wanted to have my costume well before my convention (Nov. 9). On Sept 11 I sent her another email saying that I wanted pictures ASAP and that if my costume was not in my hands by Oct. 10 (one month before my con), I would contact my bank. Then she responds, telling me that its just her and she was still sick and that she would contact me when the jacket and shirt were ready to be sent out. I respond with I’m sorry she’s been sick but she’s missed my deadline and that I never received something that I was promised. On the 25th, I sent another email asking how things were going and that went unanswered. I messaged her again on October 2nd through email and facebook and again went unanswered. I sent another email on October 8, this time threatening to go to the bank. She responds the next day, saying that my emails have been going into her spam and that I would get pictures “tomorrow.” The only thing I get is an inbox full nothing. I messaged her twice (11th and 12th) asking about pictures. On the 14th I send another message pretty much repeating myself about the bank and leaving a negative review. She responds, telling me her internet has been shut off and that pictures will be received by “tomorrow afternoon.” I respond and tell her that if I didn’t get them by that evening, I was asking for a refund. The next evening, I received a partial refund of $40. I was confused, thinking she was just going to refund me since I did not get pictures. I emailed her asking about the remainder and she said she was still going to do it and that pictures would come shortly. That was on October 15th. It is now October 18th and I still don’t know anything about my costume other than the fabric is here and that the pattern is cut. I’ll be going to the bank tomorrow as well as filing a complaint with the BBB.

Final grade: F, avoid her like the plague.

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