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I want to be Kamina....

But I look like...

The good news is that I've already lost about six pounds since starting my fitness obsession. The tools in my arsenal are:

Good Diet combined with Intermittent Fasting: Aside from a few days where I cheated with junk food (I can count those days in one hand), my diet is free of processed junk, refined sugars, canned meats, candy, chips, cakes, fruit juices, soda pop and alcoholic beverages.

As for the "what to haves," those include eggs (lots of them), chicken breasts, fish fillets (not the crappy processed breaded ones), green vegetables, sweet potatoes, yams, oatmeal, full fat yoghurt, peanuts and fruits. I've fried my eggs in bacon grease and ghee (clarified butter); none of these things have halted my weight loss.

I experimented last week with IF, seeing if I could manage two 16hour fast/8hour meal windows in one week. By the end of that week attempt, I had done FOUR. What helped was what I cleaned up my diet a few weeks beforehand, so learning to say "no" got easier.

Intermittent fasting doesn't mean I eat less; if you wish you can have a surplus or deficit during your window. I'm not really counting calories, but the scale at the gym doesn't lie--I'm cutting!

1 hour walks top o' the morning, in a fasted state: I've heard this advice from a bodybuilder friend and one of my fitness gurus on YouTube (Elliott Hulse).

Compound Barbell Lifts, inspired by StrongLifts 5x5: I say "inspired by" because I don't do the three workouts per week (I only do two now) and because for squats I alter the repetition scheme if my last workout didn't go so well. (I switch to high volume, low intensity).

DDP Yoga: What got me into it was this video--
I decided, instead of feeling happy for this guy, I want to succeed like he did. As for the actual DDP Yoga workout? It does make me sweat and get my HR up, so there's that.

Adopting a positive mental attitude: Because I want to have the kind of attitude Kamina/Simon/everyone in TTGL has. Changing your thoughts can change your actions, changing your actions can change your health, the world, etc. And if you don't believe you can do it, right down to the very marrow of your being... you won't.

As for timelines? I don't expect to be "Kamina-ready" until summer of 2013. There's a con coming up in January, and if I've lost at least 12 more pounds by then, I'll settle for being--
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