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Originally Posted by ichigo_m. View Post
First off. I wouldn't suggest spray painting a corset... The paint will chip from any movement and just not look good. Dye is a much better choice.
How is it long and bulky? If it's too long just hem it. No matter what kind of skirt patter you used I'd suggest you wear a petticoat under neath to help it poof out. (:
i'm going to wear a petticoat but when i wear the whole thing the skirt curves around the petticoat in a weird way. what i did was fold a piece of cloth in half instead of hemming it. i figured that since i'll be wearing this cosplay in november in detroit it'll possibly help me keep a LITTLE bit warmer.. but i think i have a solution for that. biggest problem: corset. it's black. that would be hard to dye grey, right? if you have any ideas for that though they are very much appreciated! ^-^
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