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Originally Posted by pandagilbirds View Post
Homestuck fandom is actually not bad at all. It's that 10% of the fandom that ruins everything. Part of which is because it is generally frowned upon because it's not anime. I've seen Doctor Who and Sherlock cosplayers in anime conventions and no one says much about it but to the Homestucks, people become unfair. *shrugs*
I think you made some excellent points in your post, but I'd like to comment on this bit. XD Honestly, I don't see a lot of hate on it simple because it's anime. I've heard A LOT of flack against Homestuck, and that's never been brought up by the handful of people I've talked to. Granted, that doesn't mean that some people don't think that way, because there are people who think anything that isn't anime shouldn't be allowed. XD Anyways, if it's alright to share, the recurring theme of why Homestuck gets so much hate is actually a compilation of things. Bluntly put, one reason is typically that the fandom is usually in their teens or even as young as 11. I am aware that older people also like Homestuck, but it's not outrageous to state that a large portion of the fandom is rather young. I'm also not saying all young people are obnoxious troublemakers, because I know that isn't entirely true. XD The second contributing factor I see brought up a lot is that most of the characters in the series, quite bluntly, are obnoxious and rude. When you mix that together, you get kids who cosplay Homestuck and are just trying to be funny and fun by being in character, but by imitating such a character they come off as obnoxious and disruptive. At least, those are the two factors I hear most often. .....also, I want to move where you live if you only perceive 10% of the fandom to be like that, because THAT'S a place I want to be. xD

Regardless of reason, it's sad that many people (myself included) do or have avoided the Homestuck series because of bad experiences with fandoms. I actually plan to try reading it again over Christmas break (I tried once before, it was too dry for me to bear), so we'll see how that goes. XD

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