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Originally Posted by eebee View Post
Hurrayyy pictures!

yeah, I can't keep track of all their brief appearances. They jump around too much. They haven't been main characters since their short span with the Runaways, but they still show up everywhere, so obviously someone in management has decided they don't want to let them fade away.

II would be more than happy to listen to all the great reasons to love C&D. I like that they have a clear goal and pursue that goal steadily, and are not at all ashamed of their heavyhanded methods. I also like that they're a constant relief from most comic relationships which are a mess of fights over nothing, breakups, psychic cheating, UST, etc.

You're right, we could. It's not like there will ever by an NYCC year where I don't do Marvel. Though my list is getting longer and more varied, come to think of it. I updated my signature with all our ideas. Want to cast a vote?
Runaways under BKV is arguable one of my favorite runs on a Marvel book to date, if not my fave (also see Morrison's NXM). That FCBD one-shot he did with the X-men is one of the best done-in-ones I've read as well. BKV OWNS!

As far as obscure Marvel characters go, anyone I like usually blows up in terms of popularity after a few years-Deadpool, Ms. Marvel, Iron Fist, Hawkeye....granted that means more awesome comics with them, so it evens out. Nowadays, I think the only characters I'm SUPER into that count as obscure are the Runaways cast and....Darkhawk. Yeah....definetly Darkhawk.

As for voting for a character, HNG, that's rough. Starjammers are an inspired choice, as I NEVER see them cosplayed, but I'm also partial to Wanda. Your choice really, I'm cool with either, as having both Clint and Scott in my cos-robe means group fun can be had in 2k13 :3
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