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I was just curious to see if there are any other cosplayers in IL (around my area, preferably... I live in Mount Prospect now, which is about an hour away from Chicago). I know a few people from school who cosplay (I'm in the anime club X3), but I kinda feel awkward around them... They're kinda like the 'popular' kids, and I'm the shy kid who sits quietly in the corner and doesn't speak unless spoken to. XD Anyway, I was hoping to make some new friends, or maybe even form a cosplay group if enough people are interested. ^-^ Oh, I'm also going to ACen for the first time this year, so if anyone else is going, please let me know!
Im In Chicago Illinois!! I also have a Facebook Cosplay Tutorial page that I started! Please feel free to add me! Also, If you feel like doing a dual cosplay please let me know! It would be so much fun!!

Click my About link on my facebook page so you can learn about my cosplays and the awards I've won.
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