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Hi, guys. XD I've already posted a thread on this individually alongside a Homestuck question, but I figured asking about it on topic might help better...

Anyway, my little cousin has wanted to be Fionna for a while, and since Halloween is coming up as well as a con in December, she decided to finally go through with it. Well, I decided since I needed an easy costume, as well as a costume for the second day of the con, I'd be Marshall Lee and accompany her. I've got the shirt and shoes and a good wig. The pants should be easy enough, and I'll invest in some ears and fangs shortly. The thing I'm stuck on is skin. I've decided to go with the greenish skin color he's seen with in the actual cartoon. I heard that was from the lighting in the scene, but I seen it on some storyboard stuff too, so I figured it was more canon.

BUT I'M RAMBLING NOW. To get to the point, I wanna use my knowledge I gained from Homestuck cosplaying and use Ben Nye makeup. I figured to get the right color, I'd mix a green and a white. The only problem is picking out a green. I wanna purchase from this site, and those are all the available colors. I was thinking either gecko green or peacock blue. I wanna achieve this look, where I used cheap makeup as a substitute for the time being. What would you guys go for?
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