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I'm actually prepared to dedicate quite a bit of time (imo) for this lol
The con I want to use it for is on September 2013. P:

@crazylegsmurphy: This idea sounds good, though I'm worried about not finding the right foam and being able to make the ridges right. Also when you say it'll be difficult to make it look consistent, does that mean it won't look nice and smooth?
I feel like the foam also will make it into a stiff shape?

I want it to be dragging on the floor just a bit, if I can pick it up and hold it in my hand easily that would be great too. I want it to be as flexible and smooth as possible. It not having and pores is fine, but i don't want any wrinkles or folds in it at all.

I think the closest thing I can sort of give an example of, the cord of a computer mouse. Except with ridges at the top an arrow tip and bigger. orz
I feel like I'm starting to want for something impossble... (@ A@; )
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