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Originally Posted by rajamitsu View Post
I think this kinda goes for any fandom, though. I've been cosplaying MakubeX from GetBackers for a while now and would rarely get recognized. (Granted, he is a minor character, tho'.) I had a friend who cosplayed another character from the same series and we got a couple more people recognize us. Added a third at one con and got lots of love.
This is true, too, I've just seen it be a bit extreme with Black Butler. As in, even if you have the best costume of the convention, most people expect you to have a Sebastian at your side to boot, and if you don't, people seem to get a bit disheartened or seem to have the need to find one for you.
While this hasn't totally scared me off (since I've had a VERY kind cosplayer I look up to say she would cosplay with me since her group is fizzling out as the members become disinterested) it does get a bit irksome that that's what it takes to get recognized or noticed for your effort. I don't know, it might just be because that's one thing I've cosplayed the most, but Black Butler seems to have one of the worst problems with that (and a subtle sense of elitism, but this isn't the thread for that)
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