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alright im new here
so why not give this a try? xD

1.Name: Clam

2.General location: Toronto/ Waterloo Ontario

3.Self Summary:
(to make it easy for everyone)
-I am hyper and bold most of the time
-I feel very passionate towards anime and am easily inspired
-that being said, i focus more on the costume than play
-I need to learn to enjoy cosplay more
-I am socially awkward
-I love mushrooms, hats and tetris

4.Anime,Video games Likes:
(if ur a fan hit me up
-Nana, HP, LOTRs, tenipuri, vocaloids, kenshin, vampkni, pokemon drrr, death note, fairytail, blackbutler ect...

5.What you are looking for?
-cosplay buddies
-more than friend
-basically anything that i can get

nice to meet everyone~
elizzy chwan my love~~
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