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Originally Posted by Ani_BEE View Post
Also ran into a snag as I'm a big boned female. :S Need a sounding board on this.
For the Single pattern costume.

I was thinking of taking one the Mermaid Costume and do a zombie/day of the dead mermaid with a skeleton torso. Problem is I don't think and pre-made skeletons work for me. T-T

It's not so much the height (I'm 5'8") but the circumference of the rib cage I'm worried about. my plan is the cut down the inside of the bones to 3/4 (and split the neck pieces in half) to sew down to a black body suit so that they are raise but still flushed to the body.
That sounds delightfully twisted, I love it! (Are you putting bones on the tail too? Like a fish skeleton?)

Are you trying to fit yourself inside the skeleton bones? Like...attached them to the aforementioned bodysuit but be effectively inside of the bones?
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