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Soooo, as much as a total Homestuck that I am, I gotta agree that we can be pretty annoying. The collective of us practically took over New York Comic Con on Saturday, with about 200+ people. But I do need to mention, that Homestuck is practically the nicest series I've ever known, and the fans have almost been whats helping my survive my freshman year. For every fandom you're going to hear bad stuff. So, it's just normal logic that the bigger the fandom, the worst you're going to hear about it. And Homestuck is pretty big.
Still, I'd like to ask all of you guys to give Homestuck cosplayers a try, because I have been told by cosplayers from other fandoms I've talked to while I was cosplaying Homestuck at conventions "I've always been terrified to talk to you guys, but you've ended up to be some of the nicest, closely knit group that I've ever met." And it broke all of your hearts to hear a Hetalian say that.
Another group that people tend to look down on. Hetalia is great! Both Hetalia and Homestuck are centered on a...different kind of humor that can be seen as offensive, and some fans take it a tad bit too far.
Give them a chance, please.

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