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We have a official Tumblr Update Blog!

Here: [X]

This the Anti-Shoujo Studios Page! This is where we will be posting updates for our current project along with... other special ideas... *evil chuckles*

Let me tell you this. This will not be our only project, we actually have four others on the rise. The list is:

Pony Rock Anthem
My Little Dashie
Beyond Her Tomb
Been Dreaming

This just goes to show that there is plenty on the way, so if you do have a tumblr, please follow for more updates!

Also, on the Studios page, if you look to the left of the screen you will see four tabs.

Anti's Personal Blog
Youtube Channel

To find out more info on the actual Smile! MV, click on the Project tab and it should ead you straight to the project site. That is where you can find everything about smile and other things.

I hope you can all smile with us soon!
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