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I would love to play it, but I have to original version and I have a hard time justifying paying 30 bucks for this.
If you have the original on PC, then I can understand. The game is best fit for console players or people that have never played Doom before. I'm not saying that the game is better on console, just that Doom has always (mostly) been home to the PC.

Doom 3: BFG Edition comes with Ultimate Doom, Doom II, Doom 3, Doom 3: Resurrection Of Evil and the new Doom 3: The Lost Missions. Ultimate Doom and Doom II are the exact same ones from Xbox Live Arcade. With Doom 3, the graphics and lighting are alittle better and there's motion blur now. There's also some new added sound effects to various stuff. The game now runs at 60 frames per second on console. Doom 3 also features the new "hand-free" flashlight that's now on the left shoulder of Doom Guy. However the power drains quickly. Some weapons also have red laser sights now but I think that's only in the Lost Missions. I will say the game doesn't come with the Master Levels Of Doom II. It was put on Resurrection Of Evil on the Xbox, but not here. The multiplayer in Doom 3 is still here but the co-op that was in the Xbox ports are not in the BFG Edition which is a real shame. The achievements for Doom 3 are pretty easy and straight forward.

Multiplayer has changed some. Its mainly the same but now you can't open and close windows. That's what made it so fun to me. You could hide in dark places. The flashlight is in mutiplayer too and now you have to reload your weapons. You can't chose your own armor color either. :/

But still, for anyone who hasn't played Doom or doesn't have all of the games this is still a great deal and great port of everything for only $40.
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