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Originally Posted by eebee View Post
Comixology does have some trades, just not many. I tend to think they're pretty handy, but it's not like I can't assemble my own full crossover story from the singles if need be. =)

Cool! You know we're always down, though our costume options are somewhat limited without sufficient heads-up.

Talking about C&D made me dig out some old Spideys, specifically the Maximum Carnage batch. Spidey's villains always seem so much worse than all the other Marvel baddies. He really got the short end of the stick when it comes to chaotic evil lunatics on his turf.
Spidey hands down has the best villains in the MU, and arguably comics in general. Which explain why Spider-Man is hands-down the BEST super hero out there. I could speak volumes on the issue.

And I think there's more collections available digitally directly on the Marvel/Dc apps.
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