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Update: Cosplay Chess is actually still going to be on the Patio like in previous years. I apologize for the rapid change.

Hey boys and girls!! New update with some fantastic news! We actually have a time for Cosplay Chess at ALA!

Anime Los Angeles Cosplay Chess will be taking place on Friday @ 2:30 PM in the Main Events Hall.

So now that this information has been shared, you have tons of time to figure out those schedules and we hope to see you all there!! Also be sure to apply asap by downloading the app at the link provided:

make sure to email them as soon as possible! *THERE IS NO LIMIT ON APPS! SEND THEM IN ALL THE WAY UP TO THE DEADLINE!*

Also be sure to keep your eyes on this thread for other updates and answers to questions you have or want to ask!

Originally Posted by Dr. Temujin View Post
I had lots of fun doing this last year! I will be sending in my application within the next few days!
Question: If we decide to use a different costume/character before the event starts, can you change it in the register, and how much time will we be given to do that?
If you wish to change your costume we HIGHLY suggest you do it before the deadline of the applications comes near so we can change that in the roster/application. If for some reason you are not able to wear the costume you signed up as, please let us know ASAP by emailing me or posting it here.
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