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L4D Hunter Cosplay Help?

Well, for Halloween I'm wanting to cosplay Hunter from Left4Dead (which will be my first cosplay ever~). I have all the materials, I've decided how to do the makeup/wounds, I've praticed crawling and screeching, but I've come across one thing I've yet to do. That would be weathering or ageing the clothes. I've thought of rolling around in dirt and things like that, but I want it to be authentic then that. I'd like it to seem worn out, bloodied, nasty, and just plain infected. I just can't think of many ways to do this to were it doesn't look like I had just bought it and threw mud on the costume yesterday... so please, I'd appreciate any help that you can provide. Thank you so much! (Oh, and as a bonus for helping me, I won't eat you come Halloween! ^_^)
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