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Like a lot of people, i'm going to have to say Homestuck.
I've actually read quite a bit of it- and even considered cosplaying it once too!
But being to several conventions, and just seeing them behave put me off.
I get it, you homestuck fans and cosplayers are nice, TO EACH OTHER.
People keep saying "Only a few of us make us look bad", it's more like
"There's only a few of us who aren't half bad"...In most cases, a lot of them are
really young ( and immature) and what happens is when they all get together in a
big group, they seem to think that they're invincible or something. The more people
in the group, the louder they start screaming stuff (swears a lot of the time, even
if there are children around) and they go completely apeshit, jumping around, dancing, play fighting. I just got back from a convention with a friend who is COMPLETELY new to cosplay. She doesnt even know what homestuck is, and she's the one who said
" that group of people over there are really rude and obnoxious"

A lot of you Homestuckers need to stop denying it. You guys can be pretty bad.

but also keep in mind, im not applying this to everyone who cosplays homestuck. Just about 75% of them ;D hahajk
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