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Originally Posted by ghosgreen View Post
You look very good there. Always great to see another Mando Merc.
Thanks man, are you official too?
Originally Posted by Penlowe View Post
I like it! looks like you stepped right out of Nar Shadda... accessories are great, color and 'wear' is very nicely done, it looks truly battle worn.

My critique has a weird question though: You're a girl, is it intentionally a cross play? or did it not occur to you that the Mandelorian armor on a female would actually fit the feminine form? Mandelorians aren't clumsy, they wear things that fit perfectly because speed & stealth are critical to a good performance and reputation. If it's cross play you need to fill out the clothes a bit more, put some fake muscles in there. If it's not, trim in the waist & shape those breastplates to actually fit you.
Originally Posted by Nostrum View Post
I really like the colour scheme. I've seen too many Mandos these days with over the top schemes that really detracts from the costume.

In regards to Penlowe's comments, I completely disagree. In canon there have been numerous female Mandalorians that have disguised themselves as males. In comic and in Traviss' books, there are female Mandos who's armour is indistinguishable from the males. And this was actually to help stop them being picked out in battles.

As far as critique goes, the only thing I would suggest is upgrading the fur that you have wrapped around your waist. Try finding a leather store that sells strips of hide that haven't had the fur stripped. If you were in Australia, I'd suggest getting a roo tail, as most of our leather stores have tonnes of them.
To me, it's too obvious that it's faux fur. If you get real fur, as well, it'll have more of a mottled colour and texture to it. If you do keep the fur you've already got, I'd suggest weathering it, and maybe even (incredibly carefully, due to the synthetic fiber) a singe here and there.
Originally Posted by Penlowe View Post
That was part of my point. I could tell she was a girl in the outfit but it was unclear if she wanted to convey male or not. It makes no difference if it's a female character disguising herself as male, or a girl crossplaying as a male character, if the intention is to read as male, the same processes will be used. The OP has not answered yet either.
That is actually form fitting, I have a fairly athletic build and don't have much going on with my chest so once you put two layers of fabric over me there's hardly anything there. My plates do have a slight curve to them, not out of laziness or disregard, but because that's just how it is lol.
The idea behind no male/female distinction plates was more of everyone is a warrior regardless of gender, but due to the nature of reality not every female can have standard plates.

But yeah, Nostrum, that was more of an on-hand thing. I needed an approvable belt and had that around so I made due with it, but I do plan to upgrade more once I find a job.
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