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Originally Posted by Kell-chan View Post
I'm surprised no one has added to this. Hating on specific fandoms in an obnoxious, vocal manner to me is just as discourteous as being "that" guy/girl who gives a fandom a poor reputation.

My bro was once mistaken for Edward Cullen (Twilight) while wearing street clothes. This guy proceeded to yell (yes, YELL) at him in the middle of a crowded comic book convention for dressing as a Twilight character. We were all so taken aback that we couldn't summon the words to correct this person. It's not my brother's fault that he coincidentally looks like a character from a series you don't like. More importantly, it shouldn't concern you even if my brother was the biggest fan of Twilight in all existence. This sort of behavior absolutely mystifies me.
My lord...that I should be so bold as to wear a coat that looks like his coat.

How absurd...!

.......... ;/
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