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Originally Posted by ShinobuWind View Post
I also think that some fandoms are hated on because they are incredibly large. Homestuck, Hetalia, MLP, Naruto, Bleach, etc, are so incredibly massive (Naruto and Bleach not so much anymore, but you occasionally see people), that I think people get overwhelmed a little bit, and some get tired of seeing the same character over and over again. And you also hear stories of bad apples, and sometimes drama and elitism within said fandom. Shipping wars can also be scary. >.<
But one mega pet peeve I have is when people judge you based on the fandom your in. Don't judge people based on what they like. Get to know them as a person before you go making assumptions that they are like the few bad apples within the fandom.
I very much have this view myself. The larger the fandom is it seems, the more hate gets thrown towards it. It's either over cosplayed, or the "bad apples" get all of the attention and give the relatively sane fans a bad name so that no one wants to approach them. Also yes, the drama inside fandoms can be terrifying as well.
I do have to agree with your pet peeve too. I hate being judged before I'm even approached. "Oh god she's wearing an *insert fandom's name here* cosplay, avoid her like the plague!" I don't scream or run around like an idiot, I'd like to think I am a decent person to talk to.
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