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Homestuck and Hetalia

Honestly, I can not stand the Homestuck and Hetalia fandoms. I mean no offense to either of them, but seriously.
My last con, a bunch of Homestuck cosplayers were throwing buckets at us, gigglesnorted and ran away. Most of us have no idea WHY we are getting buckets thrown at us though, and sadly most of the Homestuck cosplayers I've encountered have been terribly sexual at child friendly cons.
Hetalia fans bother me, mostly because I used to be in a Hetalia group, and I've learned they they tend to be terribly clique-y, and not to mention they are generally so obnoxious and childish. If you're going to cosplay a country, be mature about it, people can get pretty offended by that. I've had terrible experiences with it, to the point where the mention of it disgusts me. I'm tired of fans making me feel like a 'peace-hating, heartless bastard who only loves war and wants all the beautiful countries die', just because I can't stand their precious fandom. I think though, one of the things that disgusts me the most about the ones I've encountered have been the views on joining the military. One second they're bitching overs out for not liking the 'only thing that promotes world peace' to saying they're going to join the military just so 'MY home country, Alfred, will be pleased!' Or 'I'm going to join for my country, cause he's my favorite character.' As someone who's going into the army, it disgusts me that they could make such an important, life changing decision just because of something so superficial. --And all this is coming from someone who used to be part of the Hetalia fandom, it makes me ashamed to have once loved it so much.
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