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So I was at work last night, chilling in my office in between rounds. In comes one person who lives in the building. In very short order, she manages to piss me off epically. We get to talking, and I mention I'd like to visit Dubai. She says "Oh I don't. I don't want to give anything to the dark races over there!" I really wish I had told her to STFU right then, that I don't like to hear racist stuff like that. But I think I was too surprised to say anything- "She didn't just say what I think she did, did she?"

And she kept going on and on- bitching and moaning about the high rise buildings in my city, saying that nothing should be over 8 stories. BAD thing to say to a skyscraper lover like myself, especially when her little rant was peppered with so much ignorance of even the most basic principles of engineering or design. "Oh, this town's all rock!" Really? Rock's the BEST thing to build high rises on, for a nice firm footing that will take their weight. "I don't like walking near them, it's windy!" Yeah, the buildings she's bitching about were built in the 1970's, architects these days are much better at designing buildings to prevent that wind tunnel effect, it's not rocket science. And yes, true skyscrapers are MEANT to sway in the wind, the reason they survive extreme weather is that they're flexible enough to yield a bit.
Finally I shut her down by saying "Look, you're not going to convince me of anything, I love tall buildings, and I'm sick of heritage groups in this town insisting that everything new look like a copy of something old."

She also went on a rant about how she didn't like Sci-Fi, and that Star Wars was the product of sick minds. That's when I told her that if she felt that way, she might not want to talk to me, because I was a fan of Star Wars, as well as Sci Fi, fantasy, and similar genres. She also managed to insult a decent chunk of my family tree too, come to think of it. My family is a mixed bag of heritage- We've got the British Isles pretty well represented- England, Ireland, Scotland, and I think we've got Wales in there too. There's also some French and American, possibly others I don't know about.
She went on about "her people" and how when she was a kid, she and her relatives thought it was okay to disrespect the maid by throwing their clothes and other things on the floor for her to pick up, because the maid wasn't one of "her people"- ie, from the right part of the British Isles. I wish I had thought of that when she was rabbiting on- I would have come out and said "Ma'am, I've got (insert ethnicity here) in my family right alongside (your chosen people), you just dissed part of my family tree, NOT cool!"

Now why didn't I just tell this ignorant woman to get the hell out of my office and quit wasting my time? Well, we're supposed to be polite to the tenants, and it's really not professional to yell "Get the hell out of my office, you ignorant, racist twit" or "I can't wait till people like you die off, so maybe this town can get with the 21st century already!"
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