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@Kimu, Thanks. I have some of the fabric already and going to do a test run to see what works. Gives me an idea on what style of flower to do as well. Yay! for your Empire Abel. I can't wait to see more progress on it ^^.

@Fey, thank you. That is a very interesting insight into the character. I did think about doing something like that in terms of colour but thought it might seem too obscure. I do like the symbolism though and may research it as that could be fun to do. I do like the idea of going with a light blue as I'm not overly fond of pink. I don't want to go with a too darker blue as the flowers would blend into the wigs. Might try doing some colour tests using photo-shop to see which I prefer.

I have been recommended a seller who might have what I need for the wig and extra hair. Thank you for the advice.

@ashe2kawaii, welcome to the TB cosplay world. It can be insane but great fun. I loom forward to seeing your Schera.

@Quinn, Yay! for Isaak. He is an awesome character ^^
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