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Well normally I don't write in a ranting/venting thread sos this is a first for me. And this isnt much but this person who I follow (and follows me actually me as well) on Tumblr tends to spam my dash. Obviously I don't mind this person reblogging stuff that he (just using he for protection) likes but its just he has this sort of "habit" (for a lack of a better word) of spamming my dash and it gets really annoying of seeing the same thing all over my dash. Hes a nice person, I know because ive talked to him before, but its annoying to have him spamming. To sort of put this in perspective, if you followed me on Tumblr, wouldnt it get annoying for me to keep reblogging the same stuff over and over and reblog something over and over again that you wouldnt to be funny or whatever? I understand he would find it funny or amusing or whatever, but its just annoying. The point of it is that it doesnt matter what EXACTLY the person keeps reblogging, its the spam.
So "rant" over now, carry on.
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